Monthly archives: September, 2017

Healthy Living Tips

Healthy Living Tips Posted on September 22, About the author: “Mr. B”, AKA me, is the “first-husband” here at B&B. You can normally find me in the back with all the coding and technical aspects of managing multiple websites. Today, it appears that I get to work the “counter”. While I may not know a …

How to Avoid Hypothermia

 How to Avoid Hypothermia by Jenny on September 14, As the temperatures are dropping, I am reminded that we are fast approaching the cold winter months. So, we must dust off our bulky coats and start to gear up for a season of safe fun. Fluffy white snow and cold temperatures offer up an environment …

Enjoy The Outdoors

As spring begins to warm up the country, the stir-crazy feelings of winter are bringing people outdoors to soak up some sun. For those working in travel healthcare, who are often positioned in new and interesting surroundings, this can be