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>Do You Need a Good Hairspray? by Jenny on November 8,

Being from the Midwest, I am always looking for a hairspray that can withstand wind. When I say wind, I mean twenty five mile per hour wind. I want my fresh blown in style to have some resemblance of a style. Moreover, I am a nurse and I need my style to last twelve plus hours.

Please do not mistake my hairspray need for the look of helmet head. Although I will not lie, I have had that look. It wasn’t pretty. I have found that look to be simply… ageing.

I tend to look for hairsprays that offer the following qualities:

Flexibility- A spray that can be combed through and reworked as needed. (A spray that doesn’t make the hair hard and crunchy.)

Dry- Some hairsprays are just too wet. They weigh the hair down and cannot be restyled.

Smell- I want the total package. I use sprays that I do not find pungent in odor. As I stated, I am a nurse and I wouldn’t want to cause an already nauseous patient further distress.

Currently, I am using Kenra hairspray number twenty five hold. This product offers varying levels of hold. Depending on your desire, you have the option of a lighter level. I have found myself being very loyal to this product for several reasons. I have found this spray to possess a light fragrance with awesome design memory.

Even more important, I can brush through my hair and restyle as I need to. This means that I can restyle for an evening on the town after a long day at work. This fabulous spray leaves no sticky mess or residual flakes behind.

Another bonus of this little beauty spray happens to be that your hair looks very soft and shiny. You can clearly see on my picture provided. I am not working with this company and do not receive any money from blogging this. I simply want to provide feedback for anyone who might be looking for a great hairspray.

I am always looking for tried and true beauty products. What have you used with great results?

For you traveling girls on the move: You can snag some of this at Amazon by using this affiliate link. -> Kenra Hairspray 25

  1. Keith permalink*Happy birthday Jenny! Maybe next year we can spend it some place warmer. :) More to the topic, I like the way your hairspray smells. Doesn’t seem so toxic to husbands…


    • Jenny permalink*Warm places always rock! I think it is nice to offer a husbands prospective!
      Jenny recently posted..A Good HairsprayMy Profile


  2. Mrs. H permalinkI rarely use hair spray but when I do I use Paul Mitchell. I didn’t even really think about once I do become a nurse. Right now I just bun it and I’m off to the hospital (but of course my classes are only 4 hours, I’m not into 12 hour days yet). Thanks for comments on my SITS feature day!!
    Mrs. H recently posted..Its MY DAY….MINE, MINE, MINE!!!!My Profile


    • Jenny permalink*I have used some Paul Mitchell products, but I am not familiar with their hairspray. I am always looking for new things to try! I hope nursing school is going well for you! Since you love to travel, nursing provides a great opportunity to do that as a travel nurse!
      Jenny recently posted..A Good HairsprayMy Profile


  3. Blond Duck permalinkTresemme has always worked for me!
    Blond Duck recently posted..A Fall StrollMy Profile


  4. tori nelson permalinkI could use some tips myself! I have super fine hair that MUST have hairspray to not look like sick, cat fur. I love the Aveda line of products but my fiance insists they smell like “earth & dirt… but mostly dirt” :)
    tori nelson recently posted..it takes two & it used to take only one.My Profile


    • Jenny permalink*Too funny! I love Aveda products. My husband thinks it smells like dirt too!
      Jenny recently posted..Kansas City: Overland Park Botanical GardensMy Profile


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