Gear Up For Your Travel Assignment


Gear Up For Your Travel Assignment by Keith on December 6

As the travel Sherpa in our arrangement, I place more emphasis on adventure while on assignment. I am figuring out that the right gear makes a big difference in how many options are available for fun on assignment. It is hard to do things when you do not have the stuff to do it with.

I believe that having the correct gear is an essential part of the traveling lifestyle. Even if you are not entirely excited by the location of your assignment, you will not want to just sit on the couch every day.

We are currently learning this the hard way by freezing our butts off.

Being flatlanders that do not enjoy the cold weather much, we were not prepared for what Wyoming has to offer. Our clothing wasn’t heavy or tough enough including boots, hats, gloves and everything else you can imagine. We finally got tired of being spectators and went shopping at “Cross Country Connections” in downtown Laramie. Well…that was expensive!

Jenny and her coat.

At least we have some things for the next cold weather assignment. My goal is to round out the cold weather gear to include snowboards, snowshoes, and all the gadgets that go along with that.

I must admit that having a Jeep Unlimited helps with hauling everything around, and we are still learning how to pack for travel nursing. Buying the extra gear means that something will not likely make the trip home unless we get a roof rack and luggage first.

4-door Jeep

Using a trailer means having to worry about two more wheels and a place to put it while on location. No thanks. We will just have to add some things onto the Jeep. By the time I am finished, we will probably look like the Clampetts.

Eventually we can have an array of gear that we can take along with us no matter where the assignment is. Then all we will have to do is load up what we need for that assignment and have some cheap kick ass fun for 13 weeks.

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