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While I may not know a lot about the specifics of being a woman, I do believe that there is a roadmap that all of us can follow for an overall healthy and happy lifestyle. We need to end the pill-popping, debt creating, couch potato methods we have become so attached to in recent decades. We all do it to ourselves, and the solution is to get out of your own way as most of our issues begin in the mirror. Well, on to the roadmap…

It is my opinion that health and happiness are in balance with our levels of stress. More of one means less of the other. Stress leaves a shadow in our lives and has an impact on all our daily interactions and activities. This means that our goal should be to permanently reduce stress.

Such a simple solution and yet difficult to implement as we hold on tight to the things that drag us down. Here are a few tips that I believe will set us free and open the doors to health and happiness:

Get out of debt: The lesson here is to make the decision to not use credit anymore. Not for anything except a house under specific conditions as explained later in the article. When you are in a hole, stop digging. You will eventually own yourself again and this type of freedom is priceless.

Finding a way to pay off debt faster is also great, but the main problem in our lives is that we refuse to stop using credit. This applies to credit cards, college loans, auto loans and even mortgages to a certain extent. Anything that you have to pay for on a monthly basis is not good. Credit cards and college loans are a scam and will lead you into bondage while auto loans eat up too much of your income. You may need to drive a “junker” until you can upgrade with cash.

If you decide to buy a house, you should go into it with a lot of equity. If you cannot put enough money down that will reduce the payment close to what a nice rental would run, then it is probably too much home for you. Being “house-poor” sucks and is to be avoided. Furthermore, the last thing I want to do is promise 30 years of my future earnings to some banker. Blah!

Watch your eating habits: I believe “diet” to be a dirty word. It will make you fat and leads to low self esteem. A better option is to drink plenty of water, stop eating out, and rigidly control your portions. I struggle with that last one. “Daddy” likes to eat! Don’t eat in your car, on your furniture, or at your desk either. Going about feeding ourselves this way will reduce stress and bring dinner back into the home where it belongs.

Turn off the TV: Watching your favorite shows is one thing, but letting the tube run in the background while advertisers and news reporters pump your mind full of trash all evening is another. It obviously works for them or they would not spend so much money on it. Gain control over your thoughts by closing the window to multimedia. You will become a more positive person.

Living for life.Be active: Up front I would like to say that being active does not only mean getting exercise. Find a hobby, read a book, take a walk, and do enjoyable things that relax you. Try new things that stimulate your mind and body. Take up yoga, become an amateur artist, or just walk around taking photos. The goal is to have an enjoyable experience instead of sitting around feeling sorry about your situation.

Finally, set goals for the things you want to accomplish in life: If you do not steer your own course, advertisers, bankers, and the rest of society will steer it for you. They will install a “money-conveyor” in your pocket and empty your resources for the rest of your life. This is my weakness as we have been fairly debt free twice in the past and are now working on it for a third time.

The yo-yo effect of our debt situation has certainly shown us that our most enjoyable and stress free days were the periods when we did not have any loans. We owned ourselves, had fun, took vacations, and did not dwell on work. We have also learned that too much debt will make a good job feel like prison.

In the end, all I can say is live free. You will thank yourself later.

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  1. Blond Duck on said:

    I LOVE this! So true. If we don’t take control, everyone else will!
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    • bishop on said:

      I hear ya, we seem to be slow learners or maybe fast forgetters. Hopefully the third time closes the deal. Happy blogging.

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  2. Blond Duck on said:

    Have a wonderful Monday!
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  3. Amy ~ Eat. Live. Laugh. Shop. on said:

    Great advice for everyone!
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    • Jenny on said:

      Thanks for stopping by my blog Amy!

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