Learning to Ski at Snowy Range


Learning to Ski at Snowy Range by Jenny on December 5snowy-range

This past week happened to be a very, very busy week for me. When you work as a nurse in the surgery specialty, the end of the year brings a lot of add on cases. Since, most people have met their insurance deductibles; they scramble to fit in that last needed procedure by the end of the year. By Thursday, I had already put in thirty four hours. I had two nights of call… with very little sleep. I was starting to become grouchy and unfit to be around!

The higher powers knew that a much needed break was in order. The snow fell and people started to cancel surgeries. So, I had the opportunity… to take the day off! I decided to seize the moment and straight home I went!

snowy range mountains

What do you do when you get a break from work? If you are traveling and you happen to be in an area that has fresh powder, you ski! Of course! Although I knew I should be taking time to relax, I want to make the most of being in a cold snowy area!

So, the Sherpa called Snowy Range and scheduled us ski lessons. It is a ski resort that is situated forty five minutes west of Laramie. Yes, we are pushing forty years old and we have never been skiing. I guess we can mark that off the bucket list now.

After reading ski resort reviews and asking people who live in Laramie, they all said that Snowy Range would be the best place for a novice to start. It is nestled amongst the Medicine Bow National Forest and offers up a breathtaking view! The area boasts eye candy galore for the individual who loves capturing the moment. As far as ski resorts, they have four chairlifts, seven beginner, twelve intermediate, and eight expert trails.

Snowy Range Mountains

If you happen to travel the area and decide to explore Snowy Range, I would suggest a call ahead to see what trails they have running.

We really enjoyed our time at the resort and had an excellent ski instructor. Of course, Keith my Sherpa caught on very quickly and was ready for the next level of skiing. I, on the other hand, was a wild woman loose on two sticks! The instructor practically had to clothesline my ass to keep me from heading over the side of the learning slope!

Even though I am sure I was a complete workout, the instructor spent extra time helping us me. Basically we had a two hour private lesson…it was a slow ski day. We had a wonderful time laughing, sliding, and falling! In fact, we had so much fun that we cannot wait to go back!

Some fun facts about Snowy Range:

  • Known as the jewel of southern Wyoming
  • The snow is dry and can occur any month of the year
  • Elevation of 9,000-12,000

FYI: Cross country skiing burns more calories per hour than any other sport. It is also considered a low-impact, low-risk form of aerobic exercise.

  1. Barbara permalinkGlad you enjoyed it. I grew up in Colorado skiing since I about 5. It’s been a big part of my life and one reason I could never be far from mountains. Love, love, love it. There are so many ways to make winter fun – don’t you think?
    Barbara recently posted..Start with Michael BubleMy Profile


  2. Jenny permalink*We are definitely finding ways to make all of this snow and cold fun! We really did enjoy skiing alot!
    Jenny recently posted..Learning to Ski at Snowy RangeMy Profile


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