Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington

Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington

Since many of the attractions in DC are free, including the zoo, we decided to head back that way for another day in the city.

You can easily park on the edge of the city and take the Metro close to the facility, which is cheaper than spaces in or around the zoo. The red line drops off about 4 blocks south of the park entrance.

If you plan to visit, keep in mind that animals tend to hide in the shade during the heat of the day. This means that you may not see some of them during the hotter months unless you stick around until closer to 7pm. Just be sure to arrive before 5pm or they will not let you in. :)

There are no Panda photos – sorry. We were only able to see one of them and the photos didn’t turn out through the dirty glass. Where the rest of them went is a mystery.

Our luck placed us in the park on the day before the 200,000 girl scouts had their event, so they were everywhere like ants on fire.

anyway…here are some photos that we were able to capture among the chaos.

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