The Online ACLS Experience

The Online ACLS Experience


After a grueling 12-13 hours of two days worth of online work, I can officially say that I have completed the first portion of my Advanced Cardiac Life Support! Whew! I am not sure who endured more pain. Me or hubby? I am positive that my husband will attest that the process was more painful for him!

What does the course entail? It includes several videos that go over Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support in which update the practitioner on all of the revised changes, and numerous virtual codes. The most frustrating part of the process has to be the virtual codes. At times my choice for interventions didn’t always register. By the way, I am a click happy computer user. I found that you have to slow down, think about your interventions and take your time at clicking the options available. My husband’s analysis of the program “it’s like a video game.” If you enjoy gaming, you will love online ACLS!

Next step to the process includes a trip to Denver to be checked off on the skills portion!

Depending on your nursing specialty, you may be required to obtain or renew Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Keeping up on your specialty certificates or requirements can be a bit tricky as a traveler. After spending some time researching the Wyoming renewal, I had to opt for an online choice. Apparently most of the hospitals in Wyoming had already offered their classes for the year. So, I started researching the next closest state which meant that I would renew with Colorado. You can read more about Colorado Advanced Life Support on the following blog link. ACLS Renewal

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