The Truth About Checking Your Bags When Flying

The Truth About Checking Your Bags When Flying

May 22, 2012

Waiting at DFW

Do you get frustrated every time you find yourself at the airport? I do too.

My conclusion is that airlines do not deserve our business due to the entire experience provided during the process.

Here is the scenario for you…

You board the aircraft and the attendant thanks you for flying American as you make your way to your seat. Then the captain comes over the intercom and also communicates his/her appreciation on your decision to fly with them today. Finally, as they appreciation speech winds down, you look out the window and witness baggage handlers tossing the luggage out onto the concrete without a thought for your personal things.

I wasn’t able to record much of the baggage heap prior to the last couple tossed suitcases, but the message is obvious. Customer service is dead at American Airlines.

To watch the video on YouTube, click: Service at American Airlines

It would appear that spending $900 on tickets, parking, and baggage fees isn’t enough to keep your things from being thrown on the ground.

What happened to real service, and when was it replaced with the lip service, warm fuzzy version of false caring? Anyway…

Jenny Fishing

Jenny Fishing

On another note, my very best outdoor watch doesn’t work so great while flying in regards to weather and altitude measurements.

We did have a nice week off in Kansas before our extension in Maryland though. The weather was sunny, warm, and not too windy most days. We hung out, shopped, ate good food, and even took in some hookless fishing.

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