Where to Live On Assignment: Baltimore

Where to Live On Assignment: Baltimore

Now that we are here and have had a chance to ask around, we know where the good spots are. That doesn’t mean that we know where the bad places are though.

In regards to the outer areas, Towson and White Marsh are where you want to stay. They are both on the north side of town and also have shopping malls. Parking has not been an issue for us at all and the complex has a gym.

As far as downtown goes, Canton and Fells Point are the winners there. They are really neat neighborhoods and also close to the hospital. Both follow the shore and have nice walking areas along the harbor.

There is not as much shopping downtown, but the dining is better in my opinion. Photography will be better downtown as well, but the parking situation looks like it could seriously suck. The girls pass around fliers at the hospital to put on people’s cars when they do not leave enough room. They are nasty, but funny also.

I guess it all depends what you’re into. City or suburb; all four of these places are pretty good. It is a busy place no matter where you go in Baltimore. What gets on my nerves is the total disregard for vehicles. They are on top of you and will ding your ride like it was built to catch their door on purpose. I frequently view cyclists leaning on them at stoplights. I guess it isn’t cool to unclip and put a foot down here.

Being from the Midwest, we definitely notice the extra cost of gas and food here. That is probably the norm for most of the East though. They have a great hospital here in regards to building a resume, but I am already dreaming of heading west.


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